Return to Work(place)

We’re coping with new ways of working at home, new coworkers—like dogs, spouses, kids, and cats—while trying to stay connected with our teams. Physical distancing norms, health, and safety concerns are an elevated state. How will we find balance between personal interaction, virtual collaboration, and well-being when we return to the workplace?

Navigating the New Normal

Organizations are seeking to understand what short- and long-term workplace changes to implement—from facility needs, to work rotation and the sequenced return of the workforce. We have identified three critical areas of focus to help you navigate return to the workplace in a COVID-19 environment:

Employee Well-being

Supporting people’s physical and psychological health to build confidence and enhance performance

Organizational Culture

Understanding and preserving your culture to empower your workforce and leverage your space in new ways

Transforming the Floorplate

Addressing facility requirements, density, and exposure while mitigating risk

Some information you may find helpful:

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