Management Team


Jim Watts

Jim has been with the company since day one in 1976. He has well over 44 years of experience in the furniture world.

Jim can be reached at or @ (860) 528-1110


Jeff Watts

Jeff started with the company back in 1983 and has been a part-owner for well over 25 years.

Jeff can be reached at or @ (860) 528-1110


Andy Prestash

Andy started with the company back in 1994 and recently became a part-owner in early 2019.

Andy can be reached at or @ (860) 528-1110

The Rest of the Team

Michael Lohneiss – Account Executive -

Craig Watts – Account Executive -

Lynn Klock – Account Executive -

Kevin McAndrew – Account Executive -

Allison Trevison – Customer Service -

Kim Hicks – Account Executive -

Don Pinney – Controller -

Chris Jeans – Project Manager -

Lucia Cramer – Administrative Assistant-

Allan Andrews – Distribution Manager -

Kristine Lemos – Design Director -

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John Watts Associates is proud to offer Haworth furniture.
Much like our own story, Haworth is a family owned and operated company founded by G.W. Haworth in 1948.