Reconfiguration and Moving Services

Your initial office design is geared to the present, providing you with your needs as they exist today

As your company grows and prospers, your needs change. As the overall economy changes, your company's needs do, as well. The interior spaces we design are made specifically to work efficiency into reconfiguration of your interior space. Thus, today's space can be reconfigured to match tomorrows needs, tomorrow's worflow and tomorrow's change of focus in your company.

And since we use green technologies to design your interior spaces, reconfiguration can be done without any impact on landfills and without the need to change electrical, telephone, network and plumbing systems in your building.

As your company grows, prospers and changes, we design the changes right into your subsequent office configuration—all with products that do not fill landfills.

The essentials for tomorrow here today

Today's design elements may be reconfigured, colors and fabrics changed, and complete arrangements altered to create new spaces out of the old ones. As you need more or less storage, more or less seating, more or fewer conference areas, enclosed offices and working arrangements, our systems are designed to be mofified to suit.

Additionally whole color schemes may be changed by repainting elements and changing fabrics on our movable walls. Our project managers can take you through the whole process of reconfiguration for your new needs. In this way we maintain a relationship that suits your ever-changing needs, prepared for the future.

Move without headaches

Moving is the single factor creating disruption in ongoing businesses today and we specialize in making that easy, pain-free and getting you back to doing your businesses with as little disruption as possible. Whether your are moving across town or across the country, within the same building or to another adjoining space, we can manage your move efficiently and effectively with minimal fuss. Our project managers are moving specialists. To consult with our project managers, call (860) 528-1110 and set up your appointment today.