The Mary Wade Home

Since the kind of care and living space for senior housing is based on a model of pro-active care, our specialists design systems that allow their easy transformation from simple assisted living to rehabilitation. Our furnishings are high-quality, offering beautiful detail and a warm feeling and offer a bright future to both residents and caregivers.

The Mary Wade Home chose John Watts Associates for a renovation and addition to their facility. We worked with the general contractor to select all finishes. We also worked with a furniture manufacture to custom-build all in-room furnishings. All this was accomplished on a tight time frame, working with existing patients on the premises.

Semi-Private room
  • wade-01
    Semi-Private room
  • wade-02
    Natural light in each room
  • wade-03
    Comfortable seating
  • wade-04
    Each room contains wood armoir
  • wade-05
    A Conover recliner beside the bed
  • wade-06
    Window treatments let in light
  • wade-07
    Wide shot of the room
  • wade-08
    Archdale seating beside armoir
  • wade-09
    Dual armoirs
  • wade-10
    Ornate handle on dresser
  • wade-11
    Privacy screen with a Conover shair
  • wade-12
    Hallways have wood trim handholds
  • wade-13
    Brilliant sunlight in a common area
  • wade-14
    All floors are accessable
  • wade-15
    Heating is covered for safety