Medical Applications

Our entire modular storage solutions concept focuses on department integration throughout your entire healthcare facility. All modular components are completely interchangeable. For any area within your healthcare facility, consider John Watts Associates as your solution specialists.

Ambulatory and Patient Care area

Ambulatory and Patient Care

With our growing population and overcrowded hospitals, the need for more ambulatory care services is evident. No longer do we simply have doctor's offices and hospitals, we now have ambulatory care centers.

Our healthcare environments are designed for both the patient and the caregiver.

Modularity makes sense for all areas of an ambulatory care facility, whether it is administrative, clinical or a materials management area. In this way, we create simple, durable, flexible and ergonomically correct products that enable the caregiver to provide the best care possible while providing a calm and welcoming environment for the patient.

Critical Care Unit

Emergency and Critical Care

We understand just how complex an emergency and critical care department is and how efficiency is the key to improving patient care as well as saving time and money. An emergency department cannot close for remodeling, so why not have the ability to make changes without disruption or downtime. Critical care areas are high functioning environments that require flexibility so that staff can perform critical tasks efficiently. With the planning assistance of our dedicated healthcare designers and consultants, we will ensure your critical care and emergency environments respond to your constantly changing technology, procedure and work style needs.

Mary Wade Home private room

Senior Housing: The Mary Wade Home

The Mary Wade Home chose John Watts Associates for a renovation and addition to their facility. We worked with the general contractor to select all finishes. They were under time constraints, as they actually had seniors living in the unit at the time. We were able to address the needs of the occupants with finishes that pleased as well as fit in to the needs of the contractor.

Bel Air Manor, senior housing

Senior Housing: Bel Air Manor

Bel Air Manor recently constructed an addition to their existing Nursing Home. In this renovation John Watts Associates was hired to design and supply all interior finishes and furniture.

The management of Bel Air Manor was very pleased with the interior furnishings provided by John Watts Associates.