Foley Carrier Services/Birddog

Foley Carrier Services is one the largest logistical services and negotiating companies in the United States. John Watts Associates challenge: Use a High-Tech System in a Historical Building. As Foley Carrier Services called it "Urban Chic." Our solution was to use Fluid Concepts for 200 Systems Furniture stations, and plug in an eclectic product mix such as Sit On It – Davis – Indiana – and Haworth to achieve the look and feel the end user and designer wanted. In the end, they are very happy with the result.

Fluid Concepts 200 systems stations
  • foley001
    Fluid Concepts 200 systems stations
  • foley002
    Fluid Concepts works perfectly in this urban chic enviromnent
  • foley003
    Desking allows for privacy, with collaboration
  • foley004
    The environment offers a look and feel that applies well to the company's goals
  • foley005
    Desking for phone center
  • foley006
    Privacy, yet there is opportunity for collaboration
  • foley007
    Office desking for management.
  • foley008
    Foley Carrier Services was very pleased with the results of John Watts Associates Design