Movable Walls

For buildings to certify as green, interior spaces must be built to move and change without producing waste. Our interior movable walls do just that, with little or no materials added to landfills after interior space is redesigned to meet the needs of the company. Our movable walls offer absolute design freedom. They merge seamlessly with existing building architecture and are offered in glass, metal, laminate, wood, or wall coverings to suit many environments. Now, our Frameless Glass offers an almost endless run capacity for uninterrupted storefront treatments. Its low profile base and frameless corners make it ideal for where the utmost in transparency and elegance are desired.

Glass walls save on energy, as outside light is brought into the building's interiors during the daytime, saving your business electricity, making your building even more energy efficient.

Enclose walls showing an interior with Very seating. The sliding partition saves space.
  • 063046_006
    Enclose walls showing an interior with Very seating. The sliding partition saves space.
  • 063678_008
    The glass Enclose walls allow light to penetrate deep into the interior of buildings, which saves energy. They also create an attractive "open concept" space for your company.
  • enclose-2
    Interior private office at a commercial real estate company.
  • enclose-offices-1
    Commercial real estate office with Enclose partitions, which may be reconfigured as the needs arise.
  • enclose-detail
    Enclose wall detail. The finish works well with any design.
  • Haworth-Boston-(63)
    Reside Desking and LifeSPACE Era movable Walls
  • Haworth-Houston--(46)
    Conference room setup with the private space described by Enclose partitions. Note, this room never looks or feels small, due to the glass partitions.
  • Haworth-LA-07-02-2040
    Partitions may be opaque or transparent as needed by the application.
  • Haworth-Philadelphia-(35)
    A Patterns table shown with Tate stools and an Enclose Frameless Glass wall
  • Haworth-Showroom-Chicago-2014--(103)
    An Enclose frameless Glass and office suite that takes advantage of the open concept.