TecCrete Access Flooring

Our TecCrete panel design combines the tensile strength of steel with the compressive strength of concrete to create the composite structure of a concrete slab. It's the only panel designed specifically for use in the workplace.

Access to air, power, voice, and data under the floor lets you reconfigure your company's layout with minimal downtime as your workspace needs change. With utilities under the floor, you can reduce electrical installation labor hours by 30-40%. The result is shorter construction schedules and reduced costs. Floor height can be varied to accommodate various finishes or functions within a space.

TecCrete Flooring is easy care and easy access
  • 8069
    TecCrete Flooring is easy care and easy access
  • Across-Atrium
    TecCrete flooring can supply your entire building with accessible flooring for all of your needs
  • Data-Center-Triad-ClearView
    Panels come in many types, including clear, as in this data center
  • Data-Center-With-TeCrete---R00
    Keep your entire data center infrastructure under your floor with easy access
  • Haworth_floor75360
    A typical office visitor area with TecCrete flooring
  • HaworthCIRS.YVR.00701
    TecCrete flooring provides ventilation panels and a variety of surfaces.
  • Office-With-TeCrete---R00
    For the ultimate in office flexibility, our flooring offers a complete solution that may be easily reconfigured
  • P1000301-underfloor
    Under-floor installation of office infrastructure. All can be easily accessed for upgrades and repairs.
  • Pilgrims-Pride-Pictures-002
    Simply remove a panel for access to your office infrastructure.
  • Truck-on-TecCrete-close-up
    TecCrete flooring is as strong or stronger than any other type of flooring.
    Removable panels give you easy technical access for expansion and modification.