Architectural Products

When you move into a new space, reconfigure your existing one or plan for expansion, our Architectural Products will keep you up with current trends in office design as well as the need to be "green" in the technology you use. Our Architectural Products create an interior environment that is both pleasing and functional, as well as ready to change with the needs of your business.

Access Floors

Access Floors

Conventional welded steel panels may be the right choice for equipment rooms, but they're a noisy, flimsy-feeling compromise for work environments. Walk on it one time, and you'll know why our TecCrete systems are the only real choice for the office.

Movable walls

Movable Walls

Portray a sense of presence and permanence. Look forward to a lifetime of effortless change. Our Moveable Walls have the look and acoustical performance of conventional construction. Yet, their flexibility provides a much more sustainable and responsive environment as they adapt smoothly, time after time, to meet your evolving needs. With a variety of finishes and hanging components that transfer seamlessly to our desk and seating environments, Our movable 4-inch walls rival the stability and aesthetics of fixed construction.

In-floor utilities


Our utilities are designed to meet codes, both existing and future. They are designed to be accessible but unobtrusive, fitting into your company's office environment in a manner that is pleasing, easy to find and yet out of the way and out of sight lines.

We can install and wire the utilities for you so that they are very easy to access, should you wish to expand or extend them, add to them or modify them. They are also "future-proof," giving you the ability to add in any kind of new technologies that may develop in the next year or the next decade.